Kids’ Lemonade Stand Raises $150K and counting…


This ain’t just any lemonade stand. It’s my cousins’. My first cousin twice removed – but it still counts!

Jack Zerbe wanted to have a lemonade stand. His brother Briggs, and Bea and Poppy Weidner helped out. They made $148. Nice haul! The kids decided to give the loot to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.

They made a huge Sweepstakes style check and presented it to the hospital. Bea and Poppy’s mom Hillary snapped a pic and put it on Instagram with a challenge to match the kids’ efforts. The internet responded.

On Tuesday night, Hillary told me that they were about to hit $150,000.

A few years ago, Bea and Poppy’s mom Hillary (aka “my first cousin once removed” or my first cousin’s child) donated some of her liver to Bea (my “first cousin twice removed”). This was at Children’s Hospital. Bea was born with a rare liver disease. Her mom was a match. I’m not sure what relation that makes me and Bea’s liver.

I usually wait to talk about donating to charities on “Giving Tuesday” – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. But if you’d like to jump on this train, do so via Hillary’s Venmo account here.


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