Update: NFL Sunday Ticket


I have had great success getting NFL Sunday Ticket for free for me and/or my friends for several years using these techniques. 2019 seems to be a tougher get.

Today, I called on behalf of a friend who’d been with DirecTV for 20 years. I’d gotten him NFL Sunday Ticket for several years. Last year’s free package was cancelled off his account so he’d be eligible to get it free this year.

I asked the Customer Retention rep if any discounts were available on the account. All he could offer was $7 off both HBO and Showtime for the next six months – a whopping $84. I asked if there was anyone who might be able to get even better discounts.

“Customer Retention” guy referred me to the “VIP Department”. Well, this was a new one for me. That lady immediately said she could do $44/month for a year + $10/month for a year – a savings of $648. She’d also throw in HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz for free for three months. My buddy was currently paying $30/month for HBO & Showtime, so that’d save another $90.

To get this, my buddy would have to upgrade his no-longer-being-offered current package to one that was an extra $1/month. He’d lose two channels I’d never heard of and have to sign a 12 month contract. Not bad.

At the end of the day he’d save $726. But he’d have to pay for NFL Sunday Ticket ($294 for Regular or $396 for Max).

In my opinion, DirecTV gave away the crack for free last weekend by letting all DirecTV customers see NFL Sunday Ticket for Game #1. Now folks are jonesing for their fix.

If you can hold off another week, I think the chances are much better for you to get it for free. If your game is not on Network, you could watch it at a sports bar. Otherwise, see if they will give you the above discounts and then pay for the package.

If they won’t give you the NFL package and you don’t want to pay for it – what is the reason to stick around with DirecTV? That’s the scenario that moved me to Spectrum.

Let me know how your phone call goes!



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