Quick Card Tip #5 – Track Your Cards With This


For those of you who play the game of getting credit cards to attain huge sign-up bonuses, here’s some help: A simple spreadsheet. Before I apply for a card, I look this over. After I apply for a card, I add that info to the spreadsheet.

This lets me know when I got which card. It lets me know how much time I have left to meet a spending requirement. It lets me know if I have already received a bonus on a particular card.

This is helpful, for example, in the case of American Express where I can only receive a bonus once per card in my lifetime. Or in the case of Chase Sapphire cards where I must wait 48 months between bonuses in the “Sapphire family” of cards. Of course, it’s helpful to know when you applied for which new cards you have received to avoid having your Chase card application rejected for having five cards in the past 24 months (The “5/24” rule).

I know a lot of you may regret not tracking this years ago. I suggest you call the number on the back of your current cards. Ask the representative when your account was opened and fill that in.

Click on this to save it to your computer: List of Credit Card Applications

I use an Excel spreadsheet, but you don’t have to. Use whatever works for you – even pencil and paper!



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