5 Days Left for Best Deal in Flight


I’ve written ad nauseam about the awesome Southwest Companion Pass. Southwest came up with an easy way to get it for all of 2019! You have to apply by this Monday, February 11th.

If you get the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card, pay the $149 annual fee, spend $4,000 in the first 3 months your card is open – you will get 30,000 Southwest bonus points and a Companion Pass for all of 2019!

Usually you have to fly 100 segments or earn 110,000 points get a Companion Pass:

That’s why this offer is so huge! Get the new card, meet the spending requirement and you’re good!

The Companion Pass allows you to bring your designated companion on EVERY FLIGHT YOU TAKE – whether you book the flight with money or Southwest points.

EVERY FLIGHT.  EVERY FLIGHT, or just whichever ones you choose. It’s AWESOME! It can save you thousands of dollars!!

Here’s an old post I did about Southwest’s Companion Pass if you wanna learn more about it.

Food for thought: a couple with two kids could each get a card, name a kid as the Companion and finally do that family vacation across the country, or Cabo San Lucas. Yeah, Southwest flies internationally now.

There are some restrictions in the fine print. For example, you cannot get the Companion Pass if you currently have any Southwest credit card or it you have received a Southwest sign up bonus in the past 24 months – with a couple exceptions. Read below.

Interested? Go to “Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers” at the top right side of this website.  Then click the “Airline Credit Cards” section. This will take you to another secured site.  Scroll down to the 7th card (Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card). There are a few similarly named cards so be careful. Email me if you have any questions. Full disclosure: I may get a commission if you apply using my link, so… Thanks!


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