New Year’s To Do List #3: Truly Free Credit Reports


I kick off every New Year by grabbing a free credit report.  That explains my joie de vivre. is actually free, unlike which costs almost $200/year.  As I say in my video below, what’s next?  A Free Lexus for $30,000?  An ALL cotton shirt made of 100% polyester?  Vegetarian chili…with Chicken!??? It don’t make no sense.

Anywho… is the result of 2003 federal legislation.  It gives you one completely free credit report annually from each of The Big 3 credit bureaus:  TransUnion, Experian, and EquiFax.  You can pull all three reports at once, or space ‘em out.  I pull one every few months to make sure everything’s kosher.

Using does not affect your credit score.  Because it’s YOU pulling your own credit report, it does not count as a credit inquiry.

So go ahead, live it up!  If you see something hinky on there, read this post to see how to fix it.  I strongly suggest you print out each full report to a PDF so you can easily reference it later.


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