New Year’s To Do List: #1 – Putting “FUN” in Unclaimed Funds!


If you are looking to procrastinate before heading to the gym, check this off your list: Go on a Missing Money Treasure Hunt Bender! Every January I search the Unclaimed Funds sites for cash that never got to me. It’s quick and easy.

I struck out in 2019. In 2018, I only found one check for me – for a penny!  I found four checks for my family.

This was unsatisfying. I love finding money whether it’s a big score online or $10 in an old coat pocket.

So I plugged in names of friends and neighbors and lived vicariously. Quickly, I was on a roll! After two hours, I had uncovered $8,394.00 for 40 friends and neighbors. I had a blast emailing screen shots with the good news.

The biggest score was my old roomy’s deceased father’s $3,500+. A poker buddy had $1,373 waiting. Some other big chunks were $852, $674, $487 and $339.

As for my one cent windfall, it took me a minute to fill in my contact info.  My eClaim was approved, so I did not have to put a 49 cent stamp on an envelope to get my penny.

Because I track like a Navajo bloodhound, in previous years I came across something for my dad, a couple pension payments for my mom, and some dividend from some railroad thing that was my grandfather’s. Chip’s Search Tip: Start with just your last name. Give these free sites a whirl:

  •– State-by-state unclaimed property listings
  •– State and provincial
  •– Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (U.S. Government Agency)
  •– Treasury Hunt
  •– A slew of various categories of unclaimed government money, from bank failures, unclaimed property, credit unions, benefits, pensions, HUD/FHA mortgage refunds and more.

Lemme know if you find any gold in them thar hills!



  1. Thanks, Chip! I found $3.13 from Disney. My name and correct address was on the listing, so no clue why it never got to me. I’m here!! Found other stuff for uncles and cousins in Kansas and Missouri. Have another cousin who was an Air Force wife. She could have money all over the place! Many thanks for all you do, Chip!


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