Pruvo = Alerts For Exact Hotel Room Rate Drop


Heading home for The Holidays? Let Pruvo know your hotel plans.

Pruvo is a site that will alert you automatically if your exact same hotel room’s rate has dropped – so you can grab the lower price!

Earlier this summer, I went to Las Vegas where I dropped off some money at The World Series of Poker.

When I booked my hotel four months in advance, it was $782.65. I called them back three weeks before my trip and found it had dropped to $567.34. A week out, it dropped again to $496.59.

I saved $286.06 on two phone calls. Unfortunately, that was my biggest win that week!

That was old skool before I knew about Pruvo. Maybe Pruvo would have saved me more money. It definitely would have saved me time and hassle. And it’s free!

You make a reservation at any website you want. Forward your reservation to Pruvo will email you once they find a better price for the exact room in the exact hotel.

Pruvo also launched a Chrome extension that saves the step of emailing the hotel reservation, since the Chrome extension detects automatically reservations made online and imports the relevant data. Get the extension here.

Pruvo has a 3rd option: A new Gmail integration feature that automatically imports hotel reservations (from the major booking sites) without the need of forwarding confirmation emails. To activate this feature, click here and select “Link With Google”.

Pruvo does for hotels kinda what AutoSlash does for rental cars.  Check out their videos:



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