Now, No Charge To Buy Stocks


Whip out your smartphone. Download the Chase app. Sign in and go to “Investments by J.P. Morgan”. That will take you to “You Invest”. That’s where you will get 100+ commission-free online stock and ETF trades. If you exceed that, it’s $2.95/trade.

This is perfect for “The Stock Picker” who thinks he can outperform the market, as well as the passive investor who just wants to buy the market in the form of an ETF. culled trade fees from the big brokerage houses back in January. As you can see in their research here, Chase’s race to $0.00 is less than what the others charge.

With Chase’s “You Invest“ you can put money in your Roth & Traditional IRAs as well as your brokerage account.

If you’d like more information on what you should buy and why it’s good to have your stocks at a brokerage house, check out my posts The Retirement Gamble and Where Art Thou, Stocks & IRAs?

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