“It’s Worth What It’ll Bring”


I’m reminded of that phrase as I try to sell my dining table and chairs. Back in 1999, I purchased the dining set for $1,900. But is it worth anywhere near that now?

The market will tell me. Supply and demand work – even for this “turn of the century” item from the 1900s.

I put the word out via the usual channels I mentioned in Crazy Chip’s Cyber Yard Sale Tips.

My Craigslist listing started at “$850 Or Best Offer”. My post in OfferUp attracted offers of $500 and $300. Then they ghosted me when I replied asking when they’d like to see it.

I eventually dropped the price to $450. Two folks on Nextdoor Neighbor said they’d like to see it and then have gone silent as well. Maybe they had to go back to asking their neighborhood what that helicopter they hear is doing. If you aren’t on Nextdoor, it can be pretty amusing.

Could it be there is no demand for my dining set? Is it like the laptop or VCR that I bought at the same time? Nope, cuz I can always use furniture as firewood.

If you ever try to sell a used possession, find a price range you’d be willing to accept. If you have overvalued your item, the market will tell you what it’s worth – because it’s worth what it’ll bring.

Check out my original receipt from Pine Street Furniture on Ventura Boulevard:



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