Missing Money Follow-Up!


Here’s a li’l follow-up to my post My $8,394 Missing Money Bender.

Several of you have told me that you have received your lost cash & prizes. I loved hearing your stories! One found over $10,000 of his wife’s booty.  Another almost $70,000 in stock that his deceased father had forgotten about. Keep those cards and letters coming!

I only found a penny for me, but was curious about how it got lost. I believe the answer may be on my refrigerator. Like many actors, I keep my smallest residual check . As I wrote about in I’m a One Cent’r, I received a residual check from the animated pilot “Dan Danger” over three years ago. I never cashed it, so maybe they thought it was lost.

Why You Should Claim Your Pennies

Although my missing money was only a penny, I didn’t want my address hanging out there for anyone to see. I started plugging in names of celebrities. Some of the address are probably those of their agents or managers. Some whose star has faded and have left their representation may have their actual home addresses on there.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you should claim your funds for that reason alone. Also, current and past addresses are often questions used verify one’s identity.

Here’s the check (some info redacted) from my Unclaimed Property Funds:


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