Update: 4 Months Of Cricket Wireless


Four months ago, I Jumped From Sprint to Cricket.  So far so good.  I’m actually at the point where it looks like I will get rid of my landline.  My “Home Phone” is on Vonage, which uses the internet.  Jettisoning that will save me another $18.70/month or $225 a year.

I took my Cricket to Canada for four days.  To keep my unlimited talk and text in Canada (and Mexico), I had to temporarily upgrade to Cricket’s “Smart” level of service (unlimited Talk, Text and 8GB Data).  When I got home, I called Cricket and had them drop me back down to the “Basic” level of service which is $10/month less than “Smart”.  They prorated my usage in “Smart” level.  So it only cost me a couple bucks to seamlessly work in Canada.

For whatever reason, I had to make sure “International Data Roaming” was turned on in my phone in Canada.  It didn’t automatically switch to that on my phone.  Then I had to reboot my phone and I was good to go!

I was only in Canada for four days so the following was not an issue. Note in the fine print:
“Calls, texts, or data usage while in Mexico and/or Canada cannot exceed 50% of the total usage.”
As I wrote about in Why I Jumped From Sprint to Cricket, I got Cricket’s “Basic” plan.  That gives me unlimited Talk, Text and 4 GB data.  I never went over ½ a GB of Data with Sprint.  This month I am just over ½ GB of Data with Cricket:

It’s $40/month minus $5 with autopay.  I automatically charge it to my Wells Fargo card – which gives me free cell phone insurance.  Read my post about how you can get free cell phone insurance and $200 – on any carrier.

The “Smart” plan that allows unlimited talk and text in Canada and Mexico is only $10/month more than my “Basic” plan.  If you are not a frequent international traveler of North America, I’m sure you’ll remember to call Cricket.  Otherwise pay $120 a year for “Smart” and don’t worry about it.

$25 Credit If You Use My Referral Link

If you end up switching to Cricket Wireless, use my Refer A Friend link and we will both get a $25 service credit!

They have various plans and multi-line discounts.  You can even get 5 lines for $100/month.  Unlimited Talk, Text and 4 GB Data on each line.

So… if you are paying more than $35/month for one line and if AT&T reception is good in your area – go for it!



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