Cancel NFL Sunday Ticket NOW – To Get It Free Later


If you had NFL Sunday Ticket last season, even if you got it free, DirecTV will automatically charge you full price for it this month.  To avoid this, you need to pick up the phone (1-800-531-5000) and cancel it.

It has been DirecTV’s policy that they will not discuss any deals for getting NFL Sunday Ticket for free if you have it on your bill.  So… make sure you have cancelled it!

“Hey ChipsMoneyTips, I like NFL Sunday Ticket!”  But wouldn’t you like it a little more if you got it free?

2017 Sunday Ticket Package will be $281.94 for Regular or $377.94 for Max.

DirecTV has always given the first week of games for free to show how great it is for football fans.  Week One’s Sunday slate of games is September 10th.  That means the second Sunday slate of games is September 17th.

I don’t know when DirecTV is going to charge for NFL Sunday Ticket.  Maybe it has already hit some of you out there.  Time is on your side.  You still have time to cancel it and have a new bill drop without that charge on there.  THEN you can pursue getting it free.

How to get it free?  I’ll shoot that to you next week.

Stop reading and call DirecTV!

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  1. Last year I got $50/month off for 12 months + NFL Sunday Ticket Max for $49. I am going to wait until my bill with that last $50 off falls off (it drops on 9/11/17). I will call DirecTV on 9/12/17 and speak to Customer Retention.

    They tend to not offer you discounts when you already have some on your bill. REMEMBER: You will get the first week free on DirecTV, so you won’t “have-to” subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket until Sunday, September 16th.


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