How I Sold My Old Phone on eBay


Whenever you get a new phone, don’t forget the final step: Selling your old phone. One man’s trash is another man’s new device.

When I Jumped From Sprint to Cricket, I sold my 3½ year old Samsung Galaxy S4 for $92.00.  After shipping, eBay and PayPal fees, I cleared $70.00.

Before You Jettison Your Old Phone…

  1. Get off whatever information is on there that you want. My soon-to-be-former phone had a Mini-SD storage card that contained photos, videos, and music.  I popped that card out of my phone.
  2. I also took screenshots of the apps that I had on my phone, so I didn’t have to think about what apps to download onto my new phone.
  3. Google “How to reset my phone to factory settings” and do it.

How Much Should You Ask For Your Phone?

Go to and put your item in the search bar.



Then scroll down to the bottom left and select to show only “Sold Listings”.  That’s where you will find the true value. As my dad taught me when I was a baseball card wheeler-dealer back in the 80s: It’s only worth what it will bring.

Similar phones had sold for around $60.  I figure mine was worth more because I always had a screen protector on it and an OtterBox case – which I was including.

I figured it should get $70.  I tacked on PayPal fees (2.9% + 30 cents), ebay fees (10%) and shipping (about $10) to come up with my $92 “Buy It Now” price – which included “Free Shipping”.

Sure – some people like to visit eBay, bid and wait to see if they’ve won. Others like to get in, “Buy It Now” and get out.  I was targeting the latter.  It sold in less than 2 days.

Have Someone Else Sell It For You

As you may have gleaned from Crazy Chip’s Cyber Yard Sale Tips – I like commerce.  I am into putting together the ad and selling stuff.  But if that ain’t your thang, ebay Valet will do it for you .

You can also strike a deal with an entrepreneurial 12 year old down the block.  The fee you pay them is a lot better than having stuff you don’t use anymore lose value as it becomes an obsolete piece of electronics but an excellent dust collector.


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