Easy Way To Save $ Reviewing Your Insurances


Getting insurance from a lizard, a duck, a floating red umbrella, cupped hands, or Snoopy may not be the best deals out there.  Let’s face it, that beagle is shrewd.  The people in Peanuts don’t age, and Snoopy’s selling them life insurance.  Ahhh, Classic Chinery from 1986!

There are slew of places to buy insurance.  So let’s make this quick and painless.  Grab your “Declarations Page” for whatever insurance you have – Auto, Home, Renter, Earthquake, Personal Articles, Umbrella, Disability, etc.  That page says what coverage you have.  Scan that into a PDF file.

If you have online access to your insurance policies – great!  That may be even easier. Download/Save the Declarations page to a PDF.

Next, think of your most responsible friends.  Send an email to them, asking for the name, phone, and email of their insurance agents.  Contact these potential insurance suitors.  Tell them that you want to email a PDF of your current policies to get their thoughts on your current coverage.  If they say you need more or less coverage, ask why and decide if you agree.  Have them whip up their best offer and email it to you so you can compare apples to apples.

Make sure you contact independent insurance agents as well as the ones that advertise on TV all the time.  Google is your friend, so type in your zip code and “independent insurance” for some names.

The big name insurance company (rhymes with “State Farm”) that I had for years was very competitive except for Homeowners insurance on my rental.  They knew they weren’t the best in that area, so it was no surprise to them that an independent insurance agent came up with a highly rated company for less.  Bottom line, I moved that portion of my insurance portfolio over to the independent agent for a savings of $525 a year.


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