Pooling Hilton Points


You know about Hilton’s sweet sign up bonuses of 100,000 and 80,000 points (expiring in 24 hours).  Did you know how easy it is to Pool your Points with up to 10 other Hilton Honors members.  Pool with spouses, friends, whomever!  As Hilton Honors says here:

“Points Pooling will allow Hilton Honors Members to combine their Points with family and friends to book a stay. With this perk, a Member (and up to 10 others) will now be able to combine their Points. For example, if a group of friends are taking a trip together and individually don’t have enough Points to cover their entire stay, they will now be able to combine their Points, free of charge, into one account to unlock new redemption opportunities”

The increased bonuses go away tomorrow.  Email me if you have any questions. Click on this li’l widgetty thing below to grab ’em while you can:


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