When You Have Only $15 To Your Name


Are you prepared to uproot your life so you can have a roof over your head and food on the table?

Is this Wall Street Journal article on Kathleen Wolf really about Future-you?

I give this lady credit.  At age 68, she realized she lived beyond her means.  She left her life and her friends in Northern California to start over in a small town in Iowa where she knew no one.

“I was just playing being a rich person, I wasn’t rich,” Ms. Wolf said. “What you’re supposed to do with your money is sock it away. I didn’t.”

This is obvious, but only 20 years ago, this 68 year old lady was 48.  I can tell you that when you are 48 you aren’t focused on the older, Future-you.  Her choices put her in a tough spot.

If you are lucky, Future-you is coming fast.  Get ready, that geez will be here in a blink.  Technically, “Future-you” will be here in one millisecond – but you catch my drift.  At 48, you are thinking more about whether you want a big shindig on your 50th birthday than when to start taking Social Security.

Her story does not have to be yours.  Spend much less than you make.  Start saving.  Future-you will be much happier with options.


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