File This… OH!!!!!!!!!!


If you would like something that automatically collects your statements in PDF for free, well FileThis!  I got yer file right here.  Fuhgettaboutit.

But seriously, there is a free service called FileThis.  It securely fetches all your online statements, bills and other documents from last three years and new statements whenever they’re ready.

Your PDFs are delivered to their secure FileThis Cloud, your PC or your preferred cloud storage provider, such as Evernote, Evernote Business, Box, Personal, Dropbox or even Google Drive. You can switch where your PDFs are stored at any time.

It’s not limited to collecting bank and credit card statements.  It picks up Health, Auto, Utilities, Communication and Retail to list a few.

  • Free for up to six connections. Fetches weekly.

A “connection” is a company.  If you have Checking, Savings, CD, credit card all at one bank – that counts as one connection.  That may be all you need!

If you need more connections, use the coupon code chipsmoneytips2017 through the end of 2017 for 20% discount off the first period of either the Premium Annual, Premium 3 Year, Ultimate Annual or Ultimate 3 Year plans.  Here’s the usual pricing:

  • Premium: $2/month ($20/year or $50 for 3 years) for up to 12 connections. Fetches weekly.
  • Ultimate: $5/month ($50/year or $125 for 3 years) for up to 30 connections. Fetches daily.

If you sign up using my referral link, we will both get an additional free connection.  So you’d start with 7 free connections.  Check it out.  It’s pretty cool!  Well, as cool as statement collecting can be.

FileThis is a huge time-saver and space-saver.


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