Why NOW is the Time To CANCEL NFL Sunday Ticket


nfl-sundayticket-cancel2You need to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket.  The sour grapes I have as a Bengal fan has nothing to do with this.

If you have NFL Sunday ticket, even if you got it free this season, DirecTV will automatically charge you full price for it for next season in August.  To avoid this, you need to pick up the phone (1-800-531-5000) and cancel it. The rest of this season’s games are going to be on free TV or ESPN (one next week & The Pro Bowl).  See schedule.

If you have not cancelled it, you will not be able to get it free next season.  What’s this about getting it free?

Check out my post Get NFL Sunday Ticket for FREE in which I tell how I got it free four years in a row.  Last year I negotiated it down to $49.98 for Sunday Ticket MAX (normally $359.94) – and that was after getting $600.00 off my bill!  Not too shabby! It’s all in my post.

Update: My buddy Mark was told he had to wait until after the Super Bowl to cancel.  I suggested he call back and make sure he was talking to someone in “Customer Retention”.  I suspect he was talking to some knub-nuts on the front line of the call center.



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