Costco = Non-Members Can Buy Rx & Booze… Cheap!


Yesterday, in Pill Poppers, Listen Up! I wrote about getting drugs from out of The States.  Today: How to get them cheaper here at home.

As you know, membership has its privileges, but so does non-membership. Turns out, you don’t need a membership at Costco to buy prescription drugs and alcohol.  You pay the same price as members.  The same may apply to your area wholesale club.

Years ago, I joined Costco in the Bank of Bur (Burbank, CA).  All I’d buy at their li’l boutique was party fixins and tube socks.  Once I stocked up on athletic hosiery, I pulled the plug on my $55/year membership.

Thanks to Attorney Daniel Perlman for providing me with the chapter and verse from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Rule 27 (b). From Title 8, CCR §27 re: qualifications for licensing.

“Alcoholic beverages offered for sale shall be displayed and available for convenient inspection and purchase by the general public. The licensee shall not refuse to sell, for immediate delivery, to qualified purchasers any item of alcoholic beverages on display for sale.”

I confirmed all this with the store manager. She said that if the greeter at the door is unaware that you can walk in for alcohol or prescriptions, just tell them you are going to “Membership”, then go shop. Check your local Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s to see if your state makes this possible for you.



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