$350 Free From HSBC Bank


hsbc350smBack in the olden days, if you opened a bank account, you’d get a toaster.  In 2016, it’s $350 cash!  There are hoops, but you need’t jump much.

  1. Click here to open an HSBC checking account. Offer expires November 18, 2016.
  2. Pay two bills per month, for three months, every calendar month from your new checking account’s online BillPay or do qualifying direct deposits.
  3. $350 will be deposited in your new checking account approximately 8 weeks after meeting these requirements. That’s it!

Note: As it says in the Terms and Charges:

  1. You’ll be charged $25 if your account is closed within 180 days of opening.
  2. The Choice Checking account is available to consumers who have a US personal related combined deposit and investment balance of at least $1,500 or a recurring direct deposit from a third party.

What I Am Going To Do:

First of all, I am NOT going to act like a ninny and shut down my current checking account. I am simply going to try out HSBC’s system. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll like it better than my existing checking account.

  1. My $2,000 opening deposit will keep me way above the $1,500 daily balance requirement.
  2. To meet the qualifying activity: I set a notification in my calendar for the 10th of the month to use my new HSBC Checking account to send $75 and $25 to my credit card.
  3. 5 months in my $350 bonus will show up in my account.
  4. If I like it, I’ll keep my account open. If I don’t, I can close the account and keep the $350 for trying them out.  If I decide to close it I’ll be sure to keep it open 6 months to avoid the $25 early termination fee.


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