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I’ve gotten NFL Sunday Ticket for free – FOUR years in a row!  That’s a nice little run.

Here are a few ways you can get it free (Tweet it):

A) You could steal it. But, it’s probably best to not spend the 7th day resting while simultaneously shattering one of The Commandments.

B) You can get it free if you are a new customer to DirecTV, and sign a two-year contract with the “Choice” package or higher.  If you apply via this link, I get a taste from them.  It’s the same deal for you, but I get a li’l sumthin’, and isn’t that what life’s all about?

DirecTV_Refer_Friend-smOr… if you are going to be a new customer to DirecTV, you can also get $100 off if you are referred by someone who has it. The referrer also gets $100 in statement credits. Order online at or by calling 1-800-507-4045. Please give them my account number 15929124 when asked who referred you – so we can both get rich. Rich, I tell you. RICH!

C) If you are already a DirecTV subscriber and eschew thievery, here’s the first step I took to getting it free. I called DirecTV. I told the robot that I wanted to “disconnect service”. This got me a human in “Customer Retention”.  If you aren’t going to utter the words… 

“Disconnect Service” – just hang up the phone. You are wasting your time.

Here’s how I got it free the past few years.

In 2012…

I got it free when I finally upgraded from standard def to HDTV.  No word as to when I will upgrade from candelabras to lamps.

In 2013…

I politely asked MJ in Customer Retention if there was any way I could get NFL Sunday Ticket for free. MJ looked at my account, which is already maxed out with discounts, and said she could give me NFL Sunday Ticket for free if I agreed to keep DirecTV for a year. This did not extend my contract a year. I just can’t cancel DirecTV for 12 months or I’d have to pay a cancellation fee of $10/month. Your results may vary, but it’s worth a call. Done and done. I saved $224.95.

In 2014…

I had a different experience.  On my first call, they only offered to drop the price $48.  No bueno.  FYI: 2014 price for NFL Sunday Ticket is now $239.94.  NFL Sunday Ticket MAX is $329.94.

I called back a few days later.  I simply asked Tiffany in Customer Retention, “Is there any way I can get NFL Sunday Ticket for free?”  She could not offer me anything off the regular package, but said she could get me NFL Sunday Ticket MAX for half-price or $164.97.  This is the package that allows one to play it on multiple devices, among other things.

I thanked her but said that was more than I wanted to spend.  She asked me if I had seen other offers from competitors.  I said I knew they existed, but had not pursued them.

She said that they valued my long-time loyalty, so she was able to drop another $100 off the price.  Now we are at $64.97.  That’s only $4/game.  I would have accepted that, but figured I had one more move.  I thanked her, but asked if there was any way I could work out some kind of discount for the less expensive regular package, so I would have less out of pocket.

Tiffany said because of my long time loyalty and perfect payment record, she could give me a one time courtesy credit of $64.97.  TOUCHDOWN!  What surprised me the most is that I didn’t have to try very hard.  Give it a shot!

In 2015…

There are two packages.  NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2015 is $251.94 and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX is $353.94. With NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you’ll have access to all the regular NFL SUNDAY TICKET features, plus additional enhanced features such as RED ZONE CHANNEL, FANTASY ZONE CHANNEL, Short Cuts, plus mobile and online access.

After three years of getting it free, I’m running into some difficulty in Year Four.  I called three days in a row.  Each time, their offer got better.

1st call: Best they could do was give me MAX for half off.  That came to $176.97.
2nd call: Nicole offered me MAX for half off ($176.97) + free Showtime for 4 months.  They also took $3 off my Regional Sports package for 12 months.  I accepted the $3/month discount, but declined MAX and Showtime.
3rd call: Vicky offered me MAX for less than half off ($167.96).  I said that I liked the football but wasn’t sure it was worth it to watch my Bengals.  Then she said she could offer me a one-time statement credit of $85.  That brought it down to a total of $83.98.  That’s about $5/game which is reasonable, but I politely declined.  She said she will keep that offer in my file and I can let them know later.  I figure I will call again next week.  Stay tuned!
(UPDATED 8/18/15 — TOUCHDOWN + 2 Point Conversion!)
4th call: It’s been two weeks since my last call. This time my approach was slightly different. I did not mention NFL Sunday Ticket at the beginning (in case they were on to me; how could they NOT be?). I simply asked if there were any promotions available. Christina thanked me for calling. She mentioned that someone had spoken to me two weeks ago. Then she asked how much I wanted to spend every month. That would have veered off into the wrong discussion. I redirected by saying that when I spoke to them a couple weeks ago, I was told to call back to ask if any promotions were available on my account.

Christina blew me away! “I see there is a $40 off per month for 12 months, with a 1 year agreement,” she said. Then I asked if she had any NFL Sunday Ticket promotions. She said that I qualified for the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX (the more expensive $330 version). She said that would actually give me $5 more off per month. I was concerned that there was a miscommunication. I feared that I was going to get $45 off per month but have to pay for NFL Sunday Ticket. NOPE. $45 off/month PLUS NFL Sunday Ticket Max for free!

Just like how you don’t want to leave a fishing spot when they are jumping on your hook, I asked if there were any HBO or Showtime promotions. I had just cancelled those a few weeks ago because the shows I watched ended, as did my discounts. I also thought it might be easier to get something for free if I didn’t have it on my account. I guess I was right.  Christina said she could give me HBO, Showtime and Cinemax for 3 months free.  She also said I could get a free upgrade to their wireless genie system but I held off.

Get in there. The fish are jumpin’!  See my account update below.  No foolin’ ’round.

In 2016…

I checked in with DirecTV 4-5 times.  I never got much.  $9 off or $5 off HBO.  I said, “No thank you” every time.  Today, 9/14/16, Jerry offered me ST MAX for $179.99.  That’s it. I told him that friends of mine got $50 off per month for 12 months and ST (not Max) for free.  He didn’t budge. I politely asked if he thought a supervisor could get me a better deal.

Jerry transferred me to Corin.  I told her about $50 off per month for 12 months and free ST.  She said she could do the $600 in discounts and ST MAX for $99.96.  Then she offered to split that with me.  Greedily, I asked if there were any one time credits for the $49.98.  Corin said, “I offered to split the $99.96 with you.”  Damn she’s good!  I accepted it.  $600 – $49.98 + ST MAX = Good phone call.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to ask for the Customer Retention supervisor.  See screenshot of my deal below.


If you had NFL Sunday Ticket last year, you will automatically get billed for it. You have until the season starts to cancel that. I cancelled the auto-billing of NFL Sunday Ticket on my account before making the calls to Customer Retention.

Another NFL Deal — Get $100 and your NFL team’s Visa card

Here’s another football related deal.  Get your NFL team’s Visa card.  Earn 10,000 bonus points after $500 in purchases, redeemable for $100 cash back Visa statement credit.

If you’d like to get one of these cards, click on “Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers” at the top right side of this website and then “NFL Team Card”. If you apply and get approved by using my links, you get the same deal but I get a taste from the bank for referring you.  Email me if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! My husband and I recently got married and I’ve been told the only thing that can’t go is the DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. I got the bill this month with the re-up and almost had a heart attack. So I called and told them I need to cancel ST since I saw the bill with the new amount and told them my husband didn’t remember it being so much last year. They said that he probably had gotten it for free and I asked if there were any promotions like that going on for it this year. They told me that I could pay for ST and get ST Max as a free upgrade, but there was no way of just getting ST for free; since I don’t watch the football and my husband didn’t have max before it seemed like an unnecessary upgrade so I asked if there were any discounts available on ST that maybe weren’t free but would cut the bill. She said she’d check and came back saying they could give me ST for $19.99 for 6 months as well as a 24 month $25 discount. Sounds pretty much like it’s free to me! Appreciate your help since my husband wasn’t giving me much to work with!

  2. DTV customer since 2013, also have 4 AT&T cell lines bundled with DTV. I cancelled ST in August, called DTV yesterday. It is confusing now due to the AT&T merger. Followed the “disconnect service” trick but was patched through to an AT&T rep. They took my information and passed it along to DTV. After a half hour of being passed around I was finally able to speak with a DTV rep. I thought my DTV contract ended next year but they said I was set to expire soon. Rep asked me what I was looking for and I said ST. She had to speak with a manager and came back with ST MAX for $24.99 for 4 months plus a $50 monthly credit with a 1 year contract (currently have a $30 monthly credit set to expire). I took that offer and ran with it! Interesting to see how the AT&T merger will impact ST and DTV renewals.

  3. Guys feel free to call BS on this one. I can’t believe it myself. 17 year customer. Premier package. First call they offered $9 off per month. Second call offered $50 one time discount. Third call I said that I would stream HBO and Showtime through my Amazon fire TV, and cancel Cinemax and TMC, and cancel the movie pack. I was transferred to retention. Offered $50 per month ($600), plus free NFL Sunday ticket and NBA league pass for a one year contract.

    Good luck guys.

  4. Well, success after a scare! I called yesterday and thought I was talking retention, but it turns out it was billing. Long story short…I went a head and said I want to cancel. The rep started reading the disclosures to me and I hung up. I never actually confirmed cancellation, but today I got an email that said my service was disconnected. Called today and complained that they would just let a 4 year customer go like that. Got passed around and finally ended up with the re-connection department. Strangely there was a promotion for free sunday ticket, $200 visa card, and choice package for $73/month! Also, I didn’t have to get a new contract since I already have the equipment so my contract only got extended 3 more months from my previous end date (July 2017). Go Packers!!

  5. Called 4 times (canceled ticket first time) and finally tonight was offered ticket for free or max for $100 and $25 off for 12 months. Have had Direct and the ticket for 15 years at either free or substantial discounts. Under the wire for sure, expected to come up empty……by the way it was going.

  6. I am having no luck at all. Been a customer for 4 yrs. Called 4 times & have gotten no offers. No discounts, certainly no free ST & on today’s call they offered to disconnect my service today if I wanted to. I have never been late or missed a payment so I’m not sure why I’m not seeing these offers that everyone else is. I was able to get it free 3 out of 4 yrs & a substantial discount the other year. So frustrating.

  7. 15 Year DirecTV customer. I was nice, said I’d hate to cancel my service, but with Amazon Prime, ROKU, Hulu, Netflix, I really didn’t think I could afford anymore. Got $50 off per month for 12 months and free Sunday ticket. Just happened today.

  8. I previously called once in July – all they offered was a $15.00/month discount with a full priced Sunday Ticket. Called in August to cancel Sunday ticket, and was offered $9.00/month off and proceeded with cancellation. Called this morning to disconnect service, spoke with a very nice customer service rep. She offered $35.00/month for 12 months, no commitment with a $44.99 for 4 months Sunday Ticket Max. I was pretty stoked on the offer but pretended to be agonizing over the decision. I asked if there were any other discounts and she said she could offer an additional $5.00/month off but I would have to sign up for an additional year. I chose the $35.00 off for 12 months – I’m alright with that! Thank you for the insight and advice on your forum – hope everyone has a great NFL season!

  9. Thanks for this great site! DTV customer for almost 6 years. Had gotten the ST free for 3 years, and was upgraded to the Max last year, also for free. My husband called last week, and the best he could get was a $5.00/month off for 12 months for being a loyal customer. They offered the STM at full price. He took the discount, and left it at that. I called again today, and told the prompt that I wanted to disconnect service. I was very polite with The Rep, and told her we have no incentive to stay since losing the NFL Channel and STM. We are still under contract until June 2017. The Rep was great and offered to see what she could do. We downgraded a few months ago to the Select package, and knew we probably wouldn’t get STM for free. I was told since we got the Max for free last year, we couldn’t receive it again free this year. I was offered The Max for 134.97, that with the $5.00/month discount, put us at $74.97. I thanked her and accepted! Next year when our contract is up, will push getting The Max for free.

  10. I just received ST Max for 24.99 a month for 4 months! Didn’t even have to go to retention dept. Deal is good enough for me! I’m already receiving $50. a month credit for 12 months as well.

  11. This year, I checked in with DirecTV 4-5 times. I never got much. $9 off or $5 off HBO. I said, “No thank you” every time. Today, 9/14/16, Jerry offered me ST MAX for $179.99. That’s it. I told him that friends of mine got $50 off per month for 12 months and ST (not Max) for free. He didn’t budge. I politely asked if he thought a supervisor could get me a better deal.

    Jerry transferred me to Corin. I told her about $50 off per month for 12 months and free ST. She said she could do the $600 in discounts and ST MAX for $99.96. Then she offered to split that with me. Greedily, I asked if there were any one time credits for the $49.98. Corin said, “I offered to split the $99.96 with you.” Damn she’s good! I accepted it. $600 – $49.98 + ST MAX = Good phone call.

    Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to ask for the Customer Retention supervisor.

  12. Called Retention last minute(Sunday after trial) and also was immediately offered $600 in discounts and $200 off sunday ticket max. I didnt ask for supervisor, and probably could have gotten more off off sunday ticket, but I was fine with outcome.

  13. I’ve gotten Sunday Ticket for free for six years. One year I paid $50. I called about 6 times this year. Last week I called, got $50 a month off for a year and got Sunday Ticket Max for $99. It was the best I could get. I took it.

  14. Called 4 times in Aug and Sept to get ST or STMax for free. Best offer Max for $15 off mth @ regular price. Left ST cancelled. 1st earlier calls already got $45 off/12 (on Choice) + $12 off/ 6 for Starz /SportzPak = $612 annual credits, but no free Max. Today received a letter from DTV Marketing/Loyalty – Offering Max for $99.96 ($24.99 x 4 mths). Valid till 9/30/16. This years deal $612 off less $99.96 = $512.04 of credits. Last year was $30 off/12 and $17 off/x 6 = $462 credits, with free ST. So $512 net credits + Upgrade to Max v last year $462 credits, free ST; or $50 better off. I’ll call before 9/30 (even DTV’s letter calls the offer a touchdown). Must be offering the $99.96 to almost every “loyal customer now…”? Whether mail or customers calling in.. Or at least to pro-active customers…!!!. I’ll also see if I can get better than $99.96 deal when I call…, (like Chip $49.98)

    Best part – I didn’t have to call this last time, they reached out by mail.. after 1st two weekends maybe NFL want’s to bring MAX customers levels up, so can boast subscribers levels to their advertisers, to sell at better rate…

  15. Also wanted to add, was tempted to re-up on my 9/16 call ST best offer regular price. As already had $612 of credits from my prior calls to offset cost. But since my team was on free MNF – Eagles, held off. I didn’t stress about renewing. Glad held out now, leaving it late, to look for a better deal after last weekend, and can now get the $99.96 Max deal at a minimum, saving a lot more dough…

  16. Thank you for all your posts it really helped me. I can tell you it wasn’t easy at all. I called several times to Directv and they wouldn’t budge. I have been with them for over 9 years and just can’t sign a 2 year agreement but need only 1 HD reciever for my 9 year old Standard receiver. After canceling my service ( due to retention supervisor could care less and only offered a few discounts) I then go the email requesting me to call again as the want to ” Make things right” . I called and they offered me a great deal with 1 year agreement ( $200 gift card, Choice package, NFL Max) for $43.92. However they would have to have someone call me back with in 24 hours to authorize and activate this offer. It’s been over a week and no one contacted me!! I called again today and was ready to cut the cord for good so sick of their BS. After multiply calls finally got Retention Department “David” ,(obviously a seasoned professional) who listened to me and not only offered me the same deal but is providing me with a new HD receivers for both my TV’s in addition to all the r rest and a $200 gift card… So folks, I’m good until next year’s negotiations

  17. They didn’t make it easy, but in the end it all worked out. I moved last year, so I’ve only been with DTV for a year. Last month, all the initial discounts rolled off and my price jumped from mid-$80s to $130. The only reason I got DTV was for Sunday Ticket, but the +$300 price tag was out of the question. I called to see what could be done, and all I was offered was $5 off per month. I requested a transfer to the cancellation dept. The cancellation rep only offered me the same $5 off “deal”. When I requested a cancellation he offered a one-time $50 bill credit. I said “thanks, but no thanks”. He reminded me about the $240 cancellation fee I would have to pay. I told him I have an offer from a competitor offering a $200 gift card for switching and that I can offset the ETF with that (I didn’t really have this offer). He upped the one-time credit to $100. Again, I said “nope”. He read me the T&C and I set a future disconnect date up to when my account was prepaid to. Two days later, I received an email stating that they wanted to “make things right”. Keep in mind that my service was still running, I only set a date for future disconnect. I called and within 5 minutes I had $50 off PER MONTH for 12 months, free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz for 3 months, and Sunday Ticket Max for free. Got real close to the edge there, but they pulled me back!

  18. I tried multiple times but could not get then to do anything substantial with the NFL ST other than a partial credit unless I got new equipment and a 2 year contract since I had them give it free last year. I tried for the 99 max deal but no go on their part. They tried to tell me the 50 per month credit covered it but with HBO/SHO and taxes I’m at 200 a month. I just cut the cord. I guarantee with the other options out there they will miss my autopay more than I will miss them!

  19. Touchdown! At last. Last Day of qtr. Called 6 times since late Aug when 1st cancelling ST.

    1st call, Late Aug got $45 off/12 (Commit 12 mo’s) and $12 Starz off 6, only offered reg ST retail. Took it, but later cancelled ST (Seemed biggest obstacle later, as I already re-upped 12 mo)
    2nd call, Tried to get Max free + said neighbor $50 off x12. No go, They: ” Only free 1 year, not next”
    3rd call No to Max free, offerred $45% off reg ST (not Max) or $148.46 Tot cost, Said No
    4th call, No to Max free, said only get it 1 year, but not next (bogus as seen this site)
    5th call, 9/29 had received $99.96 Max letter offer in mail ($24.99 x 4) DTV loyalty AT&T cust expiring 9/30/16. On call, they said no go. They had it, but not on my account, only for those who had no free ST/Max last year. Asked speak supervisor no go, said not offered on my account
    6th call today 9/30 Called. Asked for $99.96 Max, said had offer letter, with no conditions like that. Rep said not on my account, as had got ST free last year. Asked for supervisor, said I had a real letter and why couldn’t I get what they offerred. Finally agreed to override system and put it on.

    if I hadn’t got it today, was thinking to cancel all programming with a date 2 weeks in the future. To see if they would come back..?

    A. What I learn’t – each year, try and get the $50 off mo equiv, and free Max on the same call, don’t take any credits, unless get Max free – period, right then. otherwise lose leverage for next calls
    B. They have the uniform talking point, if free one year, don’t allow for next year.Hard to get over that, at least for me. This is my 2nd year free – ST v upgraded to Max this year
    C. The $99.96 Max offer letter finally helped in the end, but had to go up the chain for 2 calls.
    D. 2015 $462 credits + free ST v 2016 $612 credits + $99.96 STMax= $512.04 credits $50 more credit+ upgrade to Max in 2016.

    Exhausted…and I know others got the Max offer for free, + $50 off mo with no re-up, or like Chip + half of the $99.96 Max. But OK, I’m happy, done for this year, and got $50 extra credit and upgrade to Max. Really worked for it…!!! Hope football is good…See below for 1st mo charge for Max:

    09/30/2016 NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2016 – Charge $24.99 $0.00

  20. I tried, they offered Sunday ticket for free with a 12 month agreement and could add MAX for $15 a month over 6 months. I said no, spoke to a supervisor and he “explained” investing in me I need to invest in them and do the agreement. He was willing to give the MAX and some other stuff, blah blah blah. I said nope, and I cancelled with a 2 week future date. OMG I hope that I get that email begging me to call and to work things out. Im wondering if I should just take them up on the Free offer and do the 12 month commitment. 🙁

  21. UPDATE!! After a Chat and another phone call saying I really dont want to cancel my service. I got ST for Free, $45 off my monthly bill for 12 months with a 12 month contract.

  22. Didn’t find this until recently and have paid full price for Sunday Ticket Max for 3 seasons I. A row! Oh well. Did get about $72 off after the face now, but a, wise to this going forward.

    Anyone have any luck with discounts or free NBA League Pass?


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