A Little Trick When Buying on The Online


FORGET SOMETHINGIt’s the New Year and my printer was thirsting for some ink.  So I took a trip to Carrot Ink to slake its desires. (My new thesaurus is paying off gargantuanly.)

Their prices are cheap and the ink is good.  I loaded up my cart and then abandoned it at checkout. That’s not cool to do in the real world but completely acceptable in cyberspace.

I did this intentionally because sometimes leaving a full cart at a retailer online triggers a company’s marketing department to go full Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross into “Always Be Closing” mode.  Sure ‘nuff.  In the early evening, I got an email offering me 5% off my order.

Like a young lady playing hard to get, I ignored their message.  25 hours later, I got another offer.  This time for 10% off.

Naturally, I will ignore that to see if they come with something better.  If need be, I will nonchalantly post a photo on social media of myself wearing some over-the-knee boots.  If that doesn’t woo them to pony up more, I’ll take the 10% and run!




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