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Up to $130 Refund of Phone Tax


Rotary-Dial-Tone-Phone-circle-200Here’s another great reason to live in Los Angeles.  Sometimes the city keeps collecting a tax when they shouldn’t have.  Sometimes a citizen notices and gets a Class Action lawsuit settlement.

You are eligible to submit a claim if you paid the Los Angeles Telephone Utility Users Tax at any time from October 19, 2005 to March 15, 2008.

You may claim the following standard refund amounts by completing the claim form (here) by February 20, 2016.  No additional documentation is required to claim these amounts:

  • $50 – Mobile Telephone Service (not including prepaid mobile service)
  • $30 – Residential Landline Service
  • $50 – Business Landline Service

You can read more about it here and here.  You must submit a claim (here) by February 20, 2016 in order to be eligible to receive a payment.

Kudos to Clark for the heads-up on this!


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