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$200 From TradeKing


I hear ya: What the heck is a “TradeKing” and how many are there in a bushel?

TradeKing is a brokerage house (place to buy and sell stocks and funds).  They’re celebrating 10 years in business with this sweet promotion for new accounts.

All you have to do for the $200 is:

It’s only $4.95 per trade. Even if you only did 3 trades, you’d still be up $185. Click this link to open the account and deposit $3K. You don’t have to spend it all, but you gotta show your bankroll! Make a few trades over the next 3 months and you’ll get your $200 bonus.

I have an account here. It’s legit. FINRA member and SIPC insured. You gotta click this link to qualify for the promotion!


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    backup iphone to icloud11-05-2015

    Can you fund the account with a credit card?

  2. backup iphone to icloud
    backup iphone to icloud11-05-2015

    No credit card. You can fund 4 ways:
    1. Wire Transfer
    2. Mail a check
    3. Account Transfer from another broker
    4. ACH

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