R U Like My Former Stupid Tenant?


Maslow Needs + Wants Bubble2Here’s today’s pearl of wisdom for the mouth-breathers among us: If you can’t afford rent, you can’t afford a housekeeper.

If you struggle to make rent, why do you pay a maid $300 a month? You should get a butler, too. You can’t afford him either!

If Maslow were alive today, idiots would beseech him to amend his Hierarchy of Needs. “Abe, of course food, clothing and shelter are awesome – but what I REALLY NEED is an iPhone, Internet, Cable TV and a Maid!”

My former stupid tenant had all those – except the rent. So, he got to move back in with his mommy and daddy and mooch off them.

Are YOU doing something that is creating angst in your financial world? Do you have your own maid/butler money-suck? Do you shell out for things that you simply cannot afford? People often confuse needs with wants. Here are some of my posts that can help you save some dough instead of completely cutting out the luxuries:

All this talk about stupid choices touches on a pet peeve of mine: Voter Registration drives. If someone didn’t take the time to google “How do I sign up to vote?” I can only image how much time was spent boning up on the issues.

Informed citizens don’t always vote the way we would, so let’s stop begging the idiots for their input. Remember, they are idiots. Their vote might cancel out yours!

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