Is This Your Dough?


show-me-the-money2An old college buddy read my post “Putting FUN in Unclaimed Funds”.  He discovered $600 waiting for him in a small life insurance policy of his dad’s.  Each of his siblings also got $600, but his wealthy brother didn’t want to bother with his cut.  What the, what?!!  I suggested my pal offer to do all the paperwork and split it with his frère.  More on this story as it develops.

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed funds in the US.  Well, billions minus $59.  Last year, my annual perusal found $59 waiting for me from Home Depot.

As you may have gleaned from this site, I am an organization freak who occasionally dips his big toe in the pool of OCD.  This $59 was a surprise to me.  All I can figure is that I got a rebate from a rehab project of my rental properties and Home Depot didn’t know how to contact me.  To quote Lord Jerry Maguire Tennyson, “Ours is not to reason why. Show me the money!”

In previous years I came across something for my dad, a couple pension payments for my mom, and some dividend from some railroad thing that was my grandfather’s. Give these free sites a whirl:

  • – State-by-state unclaimed property listings
  • – state and provincial
  • – Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (U.S. Government Agency)
  • – Treasury Hunt
  • – A slew of various categories of unclaimed government money, from bank failures, unclaimed property, credit unions, benefits, pensions, HUD/FHA mortgage refunds and more.

I hope you find some gold in them thar hills!



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