AutoSlash Is Still Workin’ It


UPDATE 10/24: They sent an email this morning, slashing another $16.69, making my 3-day rate $40.68.  The 90 seconds it took me to enter my info at AutoSlash has saved me $52.93 total so far!

Some of the big rental cars companies got their seat belts all in a bunch when AutoSlash rolled into town.  The AutoSlash rental car search engine is one of my first loves.  It’s different from Expedia or Orbitz, in that AutoSlash tracks your rental rate and rebooks you if they can find you a lower price.  When that happens, they send you an email with the details.  Pretty sweet.

Despite some of the big rental car companies not playing ball, I have had success booking a rental with those big companies using AutoSlash.  I simply make a reservation elsewhere, then plug my rental info into AutoSlash where it says “Track a rental you’ve booked elsewhere”.

For an upcoming three-day rental, my buddy let me use his corporate code (‘cuz we are gonna conduct some high-level bidness).  I didn’t think AutoSlash could find me a better deal than a corporate rate.  So far, my rental has been slashed $36.24– from $93.61 to $57.37.  And… they booked me into one of the forbidden rental car companies.  Here’s my 2010 AutoSlash video:



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