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ballrollinggirlPlease chime in with some funds or stocks that you like.  I have six funds in my Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  I thought I’d plunk down my 2012 ROTH IRA contribution into something new.  Any hot tips out there?  What’s the buzz on Pioneer Aviation?

To have an IRA, you need an IRA account.  So… open one up!  You don’t even need to worry right now about which funds or stocks to choose to invest your cash.  Pick that later.  What is important is that you get the ball rolling, even with a very small amount of dough.

Do it by April 15th to have it qualify for your 2012 contribution.  See your Traditional and ROTH IRA contribution limits in my post Sell One for The Old Man.  You can see a related post about stocks and IRAs here.

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  1. Kyle

    Helpful tips here. Thanks for sharing!

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