Miss the Bowl?


ToiletCoffeeMugAdvertising makes us buy things we don’t need – like the Toilet Coffee Mug, Bacon Bandaids, or Gun-shaped ice-cube trays.  I say turn off the Super Bowl, avoid the commercials, and cook a vegan meal together.  Okay, I’m just messin’ with ya.

When I was in a few Super Bowl ads, my buddies assumed I struck the mutherload!  I wish.  Although the average price advertisers pay for a 30 second spot is almost $4 million, actors’ scale pay for a national network airing is about 50 bucks – be it a low-rated sitcom or Super Bowl.

Here are my Super Bowl ads for: Bud Light, Staples, and Jack In The Box and a preview of many spots you’ll see tomorrow.  Go ‘9ers!


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