12 Most Popular Posts of 2012


TOP12_2012Well lookie there.  It’s 2013.  I wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Thanks to you avid readers spreading the word to your friends, the popularity of Chip’s Money Tips jumped in 2012. Free subscriptions to the newsletter increased 38% and visitors more than tripled!  I am so happy my “Money tips in a candy-coated shell” are helping so many.

Most of all, I am thrilled when I hear your success stories of tips you used to make your lives better.  Please keep those cards and letters (and comments) coming!

In case you missed ’em, here’s a list of the Top 12 most popular posts of 2012:

ChipChineryOnWheelOfFortune12. How I Won $10,200 on Game Shows

Can you spin a wheel, answer in the form a question, or guess the price of a showcase without going over?  If so, this is a fun way to earn some extra cash!


loan-cartoon11. My Year of Loaning Money to Strangers

Sure, I’m flashy, devil-may-care, makin’ the scene… But when it comes to playing banker, I am quite conservative. Yet my returns were 8.85% and 7.30%.


money-hack10.  Money Hack: Paper or Plastic

This profitable li’l hobby has made me thousands and saved me thousands.


Annie only bikini9.  Arbitrage

Who better to tell you about “Arbitrage” than a pretty woman in a yellow bikini?

8.  8 Ways to get Free Jingle Jangle

Opportunities for free money are all around.  Here are some easy ones to pad your bankroll.


wsop-logo-chips-cropped7. Winning Money at the World Series of Poker

Some people use my tips on ways to get free cash to help pay the rent.  Others use them to bankroll something crazy.  I splurged on something ridiculous – an entry into the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.  Even better, I cashed!


Honda Odometer26. My Hooptie’s Total Recall

Your totaled car may be worth more than you think, thanks to something called “Betterment” or “Diminished Value”.   Gather ’round whilst I regale you with a personal experience that got me $4,000.



LTCI Einstein5.  Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth It?

My dad’s death not only made me an orphan, but it also marked the end of my parents’ Nursing Home Era. Either my mom or dad was in a nursing home for 11 of the past 13 years. That blew.



$2_krogers-fuel-cropped4. $2 off Per Gallon with Fuel Points

Here’s how you can quickly get up to $2 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons per fill-up.


Nanner3. Nanner Passed Away Suddenly

A good friend of mine passed away suddenly.  I needed a plane ticket asap. The “bereavement fare” ticket was still $1,000. Here’s how to avoid compounding a huge personal loss with a large financial loss.


amazonpayments_logo_block2. Pay Your Rent with Plastic

Use Amazon Payments to pay folks.  No fee.  Let’s break it down, Bobby Brown.  Too soon?


TV, Phone, Internet1. How I Saved $750+ a Year on TV, Internet & Phone

It took me much longer to type this post than it took to get the discounts.




Top 12 of 2012 image from BizJournals.com



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