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  1. Micah

    The Sharebuilder link is broken

  2. Chip

    Thanks Micah. I just fixed it.

  3. Micah

    If I use your sharebuilder link I get $25 bonus
    If I go directly to sharebuilder, I get $50


  4. Chip

    Thanks Micah, I do not see that offer for opening the Sharebuilder Custodial account I wrote about. Please reply to this with the link to the offer you saw.

    You can get $50 for opening an Electric Orange Checking account via Sharebuilder’s ING DIRECT. Is that what you saw?

  5. Micah

    Here you go Chip
    BTW great blog. It has been very useful to me and I love your humor

  6. Chip

    This is GREAT, Micah! Thanks. When I read your message, I called Sharebuilder. They did not know about this $50 offer. Left hand meet right hand.

  7. Chip

    P.S. I just got off the phone with ShareBuilder. They said that the $50 Bonus is no longer – only the $25. I asked what would happen if one applied via the $50 Bonus link. She said that the system will not recognize it. Oh well. Still not a bad offer!

  8. Micah

    Haha Thanks Chip

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