Win An Ipad Mini 201211

And the Winners are…


win-an-ipad-mini-201211Did I say I was giving away three iPad Minis – I meant three Mini Pads.  Oops!  Boy is my face red.  But… I am no pumpkin eater (as in cheater cheater).

I was a FOOL to think a Mayan calendar could bail me out of having to make good on this giveaway.  Looks like “Mayan” is Mayan for liar!  I guess they simply got tired of making that calendar.  That or their village got invaded and someone stole their chisel.

Without further ado, and doing the picking, the 2012 Chip’s Money Tips Subscription Drive winners are Bob L, Dave A, and Jim P.  Congrats guys and Merry Christmas everyone!

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