Hiring A Day Laborer So You Can Use The Carpool Lane


If time is money, you gotta applaud this guy’s money tip.

Wednesday is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year.  If you are getting in your car, maybe you should take a page out of The Book of Lopez.  Forget about “outside the box”, this guy thinks “outside the lanes”.  Steve Lopez wrote in the LA Times:

Once, I hired a day laborer to travel with me so I could use the carpool lanes…  I still think there ought to be day laborer stations along the highway, because everybody wins, but for some reason the idea hasn’t caught on.

I assume Steve hasn’t heard of Ted Bundy or seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

As we head into Thanksgiving, there is much reason to be grateful.  If you are reading this site, you probably aren’t a day laborer.  You were probably born in America – which is like winning the lottery.  We need look no further than a day laborer hiring area to be reminded that this is the Land of Opportunity and that we are blessed to be here.

And if things get really bad, you can make a few bucks riding shotgun down the 405.    Happy Thanksgiving!


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