Winning Money at the World Series of Poker


Some people use my tips on ways to get free cash to help pay the rent.  Others use them to bankroll something crazy.  I splurged on something ridiculous – an entry into the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.  Even better, I cashed!

Out of 3,102 players, I came in 171st place in my $1,000 buy-in, No Limit Texas Hold’em tourney.  See my “trophy” below.

Playing in the WSOP was not complete folly.  I had been playing in competitive home games for years against players who had cashed in the WSOP – including Main Event Champion Jamie Gold whom I interviewed on my PodCASHt.

I did not play in the Main Event – which crowns a new champ tonight on ESPN.  The $10,000 buy-in price tag was a bit steep.  I did play with ESPN’s Main Event play-by-play announcer Lon McEachern.  He sat down at my table and I was able to lose a hand to him.

It was tough for me to pull the trigger to enter the WSOP.  I don’t like to just throw things away – especially money.  Heck, it was only about six weeks ago that I joined the 21st century and bought a Hi-Def TV!  I’ve had two cars in 26 years.  I’m currently wearing a shirt that I bought in December 1999 at The GAP in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I was working a weekend there at JR’s Last Laugh.  I needed the button-down because my luggage never left Los Angeles.  On a side note, this shirt is a freak.  It looks the same as when I bought it.  There must be a portrait of itself in a GAP storage attic somewhere.  I digress…

I did not do this willy-nilly.  I had my $1,000 cashier’s check sitting on my desk for about a month before I mailed it in with my registration form.  I know the value of money.  I know the feeling that being debt-free gives me.  I also know the lack of freedom I felt when I didn’t have money in the bank.  Eventually, I talked myself into playing because I had to spend my dough on something other than indestructible clothes.

I reminded myself, I had already made thousands of dollars doing things like this and saved thousands doing this when I had to fly on short notice to a couple funerals.

If you are so inclined, I encourage everyone to think outside the box a bit.  Do a few of these odd-ball ways to collect some free cash, squirrel away the dough, and treat yourself – guilt free!

Remember, it’s the little stuff that adds up – debt or savings.  What do you splurge on?

Here’s a copy of my trophy/check.  If you think I might be trying to Photoshop ya, here are the tournament results.



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