1.35% from FNBO Direct


If you are a money-grubbing rate-chaser like me, and have an account at FNBO Direct, you will get 1.35% APY on any new money that you add after close of business on June 29, 2012.  This great rate is guaranteed through December 31, 2012.  Pretty sweet!

Not you?  Here’s a GREAT promotional rate of 1.25% at EverBank.

The FNBO promotion is one reason I rarely close old bank accounts.  I have 25.  WOW, that even surprised me.  I only use 3-4.  Since I went to the trouble to open the accounts at some point, for some great promotion or rate, I just leave a buck in them when I pull out the cash.  When something like this FNBO Direct offer comes up – I jump on it!

My very first ChipsMoneyTips post was for FNBO Direct.

I choose to only get statements online, and sign in to the accounts once a year to keep them from going dormant.  If there’s only a buck in an account, I will never get enough interest to have to pay income taxes on that money.

FNBO does not mention it anywhere here, but the Customer Service Reps (CSRs) said the account must be two years old to get the 1.35%.  The CSRs said that link was emailed to people with accounts at least two years old.  Any old money will still earn the .65% they currently offer.

Here is my first ChipsMoneyTips video from 2008:



  1. Hilarious, Chip. Although I’m not inclined to open any new accounts at this time, I do believe I’ll try eating a banana with the peel on.

  2. Hello Chip,
    My daughter was invited to try out for the US Olympic in June and we stayed at a Starwood hotel. I just clicked on your link to Starwood to get the off we you mention, but I could not find the fifteen thousand bonus miles. I received an email from Starwood, however, which does offer the bonus. I want you to get the spiff so would you please check and let me know what I am doing wrong?


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