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Lily Tomlin and I Own a Wall


“Good fences make good neighbors” should be on coins in Los Angeles.  Out here, people trust in them more than God.  Virtually every home has a six foot high walled-in back yard for privacy and zombie attacks.

Despite earthquakes, a lot of these walls have been up for decades – erected by people long gone.  When the wall sits on the property line, neighbors tend to treat them like common property.

A few years ago, my backdoor neighbor Mike was preparing his house for sale.  There was a crack in our wall.  He asked me to pitch in to have it fixed.  Done and done.

Suddenly the neighborhood was all a buzz because Lily Tomlin bought that home behind mine.

I loved her on Laugh-In.  I wondered where she’d put Edith Ann’s huge rocking chair.  When she called to borrow a cup of sugar, would she say, “One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy…”?  At her housewarming party, would Arte Johnson stick his face over our wall and peak through the vegetation with “Verrrrry interestink.”  If this were 1969, we’d all be laughing heartily.

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Chase Slate2

Update: Slate, as in “Clean”


Wipe your credit card interest slate clean. Pay 0% on Purchases and 0% on Balance Transfers for 15 months + No Transfer Fee!! Oh, and No Annual Fee.

Click on Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on this card and more.  Email me if you have any questions.

Apply for the card, then transfer your higher rate balances on other cards to this card during the first 60 days your account is open. You will pay NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEE! That’s huge. Any new balances that you transfer over after AFTER your account has been open 60 days, will get hit with a fee of 3% of the amount transferred with a minimum of $5. You wanna avoid that 3% – which is the norm for balance transfer cards.

Stop paying interest with the New & Improved, cleaner and slatier Chase Slate!

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Loan Cartoon

My Year of Loaning Money to Strangers

One year ago, I started loaning money to complete strangers via Lending Club and Prosper.  My returns are 7.30% and 8.85% respectively.

Sure, I’m flashy, devil-may-care, makin’ the scene…  But when it comes to playing banker, I am quite conservative.  I chose to lend only to people who had the highest credit rankings and were deemed lowest risk to default on the loans.

$25 was the most I lent to any of the 30 people. None of them have defaulted. Four have paid back the loan in full. Screen shots and video below.

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Fnbo Direct Logo Piggybank

1.35% from FNBO Direct


If you are a money-grubbing rate-chaser like me, and have an account at FNBO Direct, you will get 1.35% APY on any new money that you add after close of business on June 29, 2012.  This great rate is guaranteed through December 31, 2012.  Pretty sweet!

Not you?  Here’s a GREAT promotional rate of 1.25% at EverBank.

The FNBO promotion is one reason I rarely close old bank accounts.  I have 25.  WOW, that even surprised me.  I only use 3-4.  Since I went to the trouble to open the accounts at some point, for some great promotion or rate, I just leave a buck in them when I pull out the cash.  When something like this FNBO Direct offer comes up – I jump on it!

My very first ChipsMoneyTips post was for FNBO Direct.

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Today, My Car is a Man


My “new” car just turned 13.  I’d say it’s my car’s Bar Mitzvah, but it’s not Jewish.  And… it’s a car.

I replaced my 328,536 mile Honda Hooptie with a then brand new 1999 Infiniti G20.  I have had two cars in 26 years.

Keeping cars kept dollars in my wallet.  I was driving my aging cars when most folks would have them in Fred Sanford’s salvage yard, or at least being overhauled by Chico in The Man’s garage.

Both new cars were financed for five years each.  I paid a grand total of $42,000 for my “HondaFiniti”.  Divide that by 26 years, and my average car payment is $135/month and declining.

What about repairs?

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2 Krogers Fuel Cropped

$2 Off Per Gallon with Fuel Points


Here’s how you can quickly get up to $2 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons per fill-up, through September 30, 2012.

Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in in the country. It is parent to 16 other chains.  If Octomom were supermarket, she’d need to spit out two litters to equal Kroger’s brood.  The Kroger Family of Stores has an awesome program called “Fuel Points”.

Fuel Points perks vary between each Kroger chain. For example, Kroger & King Soopers top out at $2 off per gallon. My area Ralphs caps at 20 cents a gallon. 20 cents ain’t too shabby, but it’s not 2 bucks! Fill up at your Kroger chain fuel centers for the best discount.


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Directv Viacom Cropped

I want my MTV, or… 80 Bucks!!


I just got $80 off DirecTV because of the Viacom kerfuffle.  As you may know, Viacom pulled its channels off DirecTV, while they try to hash out a deal.  That ain’t my problem!  A quick call to DirecTV’s Customer Retention department to complain yielded an $80 credit.  That is on top of the $43/month in savings I already get.  Call DirecTV now, before they make nicey-nice with Viacom.

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AmexPrepaidCard 10Bucks

$30 Free from Amex in July


Same deal as before, but different.  What the?  Through July, put $50 on a prepaid card and get $10 for doing so.  You can do it with up to three cards.  That means you can get $30 free.  Order now!

NO credit pull because this is NOT a credit card.  Therefore ANY adult with a bank account can do it.  You can read more about it in last month’s post.

This content is not provided or commissioned by the company whose products are featured on this site. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or evaluations provided here are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the Advertiser. This site may be compensated through the Advertiser’s affiliate programs.

Ing Direct Icon

Easy $76+ from ING (thru July 3rd)


UPDATE for 2013 — ING DIRECT is now Capital One 360.

360 Checking (formerly Electric Orange)
360 Savings (formerly Orange Savings)
360 Kids Savings (formerly Kids Savings)
360 Money for Teens (formerly Money)

ING DIRECT is giving away a lot of cash.  Period.  You must act by Tuesday night.  If nothing else, get the first one and collect the easiest $76 you’ve made in a while.  Okay, the legalist easiestest.  It is something ANY adult can do:

$76 just for opening an ING Electric Orange account.  No Minimums.  Like I said – free money!  You will have to make five purchases in 45 days with the debit card they send you, so you will want to have some money in there to pay for your five purchases.  Go to the self-serve checkout at the grocery and buy 5 whatevers.  Done and done!  They’ll add $76 to your account by August 22nd.  If you and the significant other do it, you will have $152 to blow at a schmancy steak joint.  Okay, sushi.  I’m staying out of it.

Get another $76 bonus for referring two friends who successfully open an ING Orange Savings account.  Plus, each friend gets $25.  Then they could do the ING Electric Orange $76 thing as well.

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