Didgeri To-Do List


Another thing on my annual To Do list, besides Learn Chisanbop, Perfect the Didgeridoo, and Check for Unclaimed Funds, is Update my “Here’s My Stuff” file. That file contains the most up-to-date instructions for those who are left to sort out my business, informing them just where my business is.

Will you have money coming in after you are gone? Will you tell your heirs about that or hope they will magically know to how and where to chase down your funds?

Actors still get residuals even after we have been wrapped from Life. In my “Here’s My Stuff” file, I also updated my agents’ info and who to call at my unions if my heirs have questions about Seinfeld and Coyote Ugly checks.

One easy way to track all of your money related accounts in one place, is by using the free program Mint.com. It will put all of your accounts and up-to-date balances for Banks, Credit Cards, Stocks & IRAs at Brokerage Houses, Loans and Real Estate in one place. Learn how it works.     

I also updated my accountant’s contact info and where my safe deposit box is.  Most importantly, I told them that I recently set aside a chunk of dough for a good old fashioned Irish wake at Casa Vega!  I’m Mexican-Irish.

I encourage you to heed the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. Do this for those you leave behind. Take 10-30 minutes, type it up, and set your calendar to remind you to update it every January.

If you don’t have a Will or Trust, check out this, then talk to an attorney and/or check out LegalZoom or Nolo.  If you want an exhaustive list of what to keep in your “Here’s My Stuff” file, click here.  If Mr. Internet asks if it is okay to go to the URL, say yes.

> Check out Mint.com
> Check out LegalZoom
> Check out Nolo


  1. Delta is a good airline. I own a small amount of their stock. I have not mentioned this before. Owen.


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