Save Green Being Green, er Dry


Now for something really SEXY: Saving on your Sewer Service Charge (SSC). Hubba-hubba. My most recent bill’s SSC was $22.89. I had paid as much as $155.55 until I wised up.

I will tell you the answer first, because the explanation will probably put you in REM 3. Bottom line: if you live in Los Angeles, shut off your lawn sprinklers between the first rain in November until March-April. I started doing this a few years ago and my lawn, in full sun, has not suffered a bit.

Serve your environmentalist side with your “green” stance on water conservation while currying favor with your inner capitalist by keeping “green” in your wallet!

Pull out your water bill or find it online. Find your bill dates (i.e. Dec 10 – Feb 11), plan accordingly. If nothing else, shut those sprinklers off December-February, and you’ll see your savings when your rate resets in July.

Why? Water’s not that expensive. True. But in Los Angeles, homeowners pay a Sewer Service Charge. It is a somewhat complicated calculation based upon the amount of water used during the billing period of the previous winter that had the lowest daily water consumption. Since you don’t need the sprinklers watering an already moist, dormant lawn – save yourself what could be hundreds of dollars.

Individual results may vary. Void where prohibited without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball.

Another tip: Friends of mine live in the valley here in LA and NEVER water their lawn. They benefit from being at the bottom of the hill on their street. Their lawn isn’t going to be on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens, but it is full and free!

> To learn more about the Sewer Service Charge



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