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> Get one report free, from each of The Big Three at
> If you want to access your credit report more frequently, check out, Trusted ID, or Identity Lookout. If those are more than you need, you can always cancel your trial offers.

Video Transcript:
Hi Everybody.  Welcome to ChipsMoneyTips.  I’m Chip Chinery.

Subscriber Frank asked for tips on how to rebuild credit.  First of all, you need to see your credit report.  You could start with (singing) Free credit – buuut it’s not free.  It’s actually $16.95 a month.

What’s next?
A Free Lexus for $30,000!???
An ALL cotton shirt made of 100% polyester?
Vegetarian chili…with Chicken! ???

“Free” isn’t ripping you off.  It clearly states at the top of their website (screen capture movement) that if you don’t cancel during the 7-day trial period, you will be billed $16.95 a month.

So, before you sign up and start paying over $200 a year at “FREE”, try out the actual free credit report at is the result of 2003 federal legislation.  It gives you a completely free, annual credit report from each of The Big 3 credit bureaus:  TransUnion, Experian, and EquiFax.  You can pull all three reports at once, or space ‘em out.  I pull one every few months to make sure everything’s kosher.

Using does not affect your credit score.  Because it’s YOU pulling your own credit report, it does not count as a credit inquiry. (Butthead VO: you pulled it)

Your credit report is like a school report card, except that instead of classes it shows how well you did with credit – your loans, mortgages, credit cards and other financial responsibilities.

Why do you care what your credit report says?  Lemme ask you this, if you earned an A in a class but your report card said you had an F – would you care?  Yer Damn, Skippy!

I sent a client to  She found an old medical bill for $67 that had been paid years ago, but was erroneously reported on her credit report as a charge that went to a collection agency.  That bad mark on her credit report lowered her credit score, and meant she had to refinance her home at a higher rate that cost her thousands.

So even if you aren’t looking to borrow money now, it is wise to check your credit report now, so you can clean up any errors.  Do it for free (Actually free, not $16.95-a-month free) at  Don’t Cost Nuthin.



  1. Chip,
    You are GREAT! Keep up the good work, my friend….you are going to get your own show out of this, I guarantee you…(then you can have me on as a guest!)


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