My Free Dell HD monitor arrived in 14 days


A Fortnight, as they say in Jane Austen land. That is the pittance of time I had to wait, after opening up my OptionsHouse account, for the FedEx carriage to drop off my free 24″ Dell HD monitor. All I had to do was put $5K in OptionsHouse.  Two weeks later, it materialized on my stoop. Click here to see my post for the full scoop.  Go getcha one!



  1. I did the same thing and received my 24 inch Dell monitor at about the same time as you. It is unfortunate that OptionsHouse upped deposit requirement, and added a minimum trade requirement (15 commissionable trades in 90 days). Do you still consider this to be a good deal with the added requirements?

    As a side note on the monitor, I noticed that my computer seems to run slower after setting up the new monitor. I think that the issue is that I have a nearly 5 year old PC with integrated graphics. It uses shared video RAM, so that the CPU seems to run slower when memory is low.

  2. I suppose if someone is already an active trader and would make the 15 trades anyway, it’s a good deal. If someone is a newbie, not so much. The sticking point would be having to make 15 commissionable trades in the first 90 days. At $3.95 per trade, that comes to $59.25. Add on approximately $50 in lost interest on $10K deposit over six months. That comes to $109.25, which is what it would cost to put the money at OptionsHouse instead of keeping it in a bank account. The monitor is worth twice that.

  3. So, it has been over 6 months now. Can I ask what you plan to do with the OptionsHouse account now that you have fulfilled the holding requirement?


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