0% Balance Transfer Fee – LOWERED!


(Update: This card has expired.  Check out the new Discover it card).  Discover Card has a sweet deal on which they have sprinkled jimmies.  As of June Fools Day (June 1st), Discover dropped their one-time balance transfer fee from 5% to 3%.  No annual fee for the card.  No joke.  You will pay 3% of what you transfer over, to be able to pay 0% for 18 months.  Hey, they gotta keep the lights on somehow.  I have long suggested dumping your high interest card balances onto a card that will not charge you ANY interest.  Apply now for Discover® Card’s – 18 Month Promotional 0% Balance Transfer offer and/or click here to see my vlog about how all this works.  It’s better to pay 0% interest than 15-20%, right?  Even girls know this is a good deal and they are HORRIBLE at math.  Kidding.  Just seeing if you are still reading 🙂

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  1. I think the title is a little misleading. it maes it sound like they have lowered their balance transfer fee below 0%. But in reality the fee is lowered to 3% and the interest rate is 0% for 18 months. Still a hell of a deal.

  2. The effective interest rate is 2% a year,

    Think about it: a 3% “fee” over 18 months. That is 2% annual rate.

    Cheaper than the rate on a new debt. But whichever way you slice it, it is debt.


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