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Boehner Caddy Full Sheet Small

MY Golf Summit with Mr. Speaker


On Saturday, President Obama did something that I did 33 years ago: He spent an afternoon on a golf course with John Boehner. On July 22, 1978, I put in 4-5 hours as a personal assistant / pack mule (caddy) for the current Speaker of the House when he was just a 20-something.

I know this because I am a counter.  I’m not a Rainman-instantly-count-a-dropped-box-of-toothpicks counter.  But I count things.

I know that I have been on 56 TV shows;  seen major league baseball games in 41 parks;  and have performed 3,074 stand-up comedy shows on 475 stages, in 296 cities in 42 states – including all of the places named in The Steve Miller Band’s “Rock ‘n Me” and Sade’s “Smooth Operator” songs.

In my various “character building” careers, I made $510.72 as a paper boy, $439.89 slinging frozen yogurt, and $641.60 as a caddy.  The other day I came across my caddy records and noticed that Mr. Boehner paid me $5 for the 18-hole round – which included a 50 cent tip.  In his defense, that tip was fairly common.  I blame the Carter Malaise.  That or my inability to find lost balls.  Adjusted for inflation, that $5 is like getting $18 today.

Even though John Boehner was just a plastics salesman at the time and years away from politics, I always remembered I had caddied for him.  Probably because I was just out of 8th grade and with a little imagination, his name could be pronounced “Boner”.  Who knows, maybe I let that slip and that is why I got the fin.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to continue preparing my treatise on the lawns I cut from 1979-1984.

Here is a page of the actual ledger from which that above image was taken:

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0% Balance Transfer Fee – LOWERED!


(Update: This card has expired.  Check out the new Discover it card).  Discover Card has a sweet deal on which they have sprinkled jimmies.  As of June Fools Day (June 1st), Discover dropped their one-time balance transfer fee from 5% to 3%.  No annual fee for the card.  No joke.  You will pay 3% of what you transfer over, to be able to pay 0% for 18 months.  Hey, they gotta keep the lights on somehow.  I have long suggested dumping your high interest card balances onto a card that will not charge you ANY interest.  Apply now for Discover® Card’s – 18 Month Promotional 0% Balance Transfer offer and/or click here to see my vlog about how all this works.  It’s better to pay 0% interest than 15-20%, right?  Even girls know this is a good deal and they are HORRIBLE at math.  Kidding.  Just seeing if you are still reading 🙂

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